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Ever wanted to play those classic DooM games online but never found an easy way to do it?

Well you found it!

Doom Connector is a lobby based chat program which also allows you to play many classic DooM games online with friends!

As well as the very usfule file transfers which modern game launchers like Steam doesn't even have! Doom Connector also allows offline messageing, and even drawing using its whiteboard.

What Games?

So what all Games does Doom Connector support? Check the list of games to the right. Here you will find all the games which Doom Connector supports. Frequently check back as this list could be updated from time to time supporting more games!


Need Help?

Check the Game Connector FAQ. *Note Doom Connector shares Game Connector FAQ and game setup. They are focused around the Doom Engines and are basically the same. If your answer is not on this page, we will be happy to help you on Doom Connector.


And by all means, please view and acknowledge the Terms of Service so everyone will enjoy their stay at Doom Connector!


Whats New ?

It's back!








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